Vanilla WoW Gold for French Servers-An Overview

Have you ever wondered which are the best WoW gold guides? Or what exactly should they contain? So have I, so I did some researching over the web and came up with some very interesting facts. First thing I’ve noticed was that everyone had an idea of which are the best WoW gold guides. So it is really a matter of perspective. I will tell you, though, what should a gold guide have in order to make it effective.Link Vanilla WoW gold for German servers.

The Auction House.

Any gold guide out there should have some tips on how to use the AH to your advantage. A good gold guide should teach you through screenshots and videos how to use those tips. Every tip should be detailed so anyone can understand it so they can then make the best of it.

Which Professions to use and where.

This is very important too, a gold guide should have every profession in it. You can then pick the two you like most or and use to guide to make the most of them. For example, the mining profession should have detailed maps showing the best nodes in every are, for all levels.

Daily quests.

Daily quest can bring a very nice volume of gold into your wallet. But you don’t want to spend the whole day doing them, so any guide that tells which quests to do, where to do them and how will always be considered by me a very good guide.


Any gold guide should allow you to start making gold from any level, just in case you need money for items if you plan on entering a low level battleground. These guides should also be made in such a way that any type of player, newbie or veteran can make the most of it using any class. That being said, you just have to make sure you pick one that has all of those features. To make that happen, be sure to read some reviews about any gold guides that caught your eye. Reviews will give you some very nice input from players who used it. Before going to search for the best WoW gold guides for you, make sure they have the money back guarantee too, just in case they don’t deliver.